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Sex with Julie


Julie, well, she was special. We started out at work, she was a high-up in a neighboring department, I was a low-level programmer type in another. She’d attend meetings concerning system conversions at which I or another programmer on the team would be presenting information. She was always the sweet one, helping to offset attacks to the plan when somebody thought their toes were being stepped on.

We started innocently enough (or at least I did, anyway; I think she had some experience in this sort of thing). I mean, I really wasn’t overly attracted to her, and had never even dreamt of some of the things I later found she was into. In a way, she reminded me of a girl from school named Tammy.

Tammy was a big girl. Not fat, just broad shoulders and an accompanying figure. When we were freshmen we played around a bit, but nothing much happened. Then, when we were seniors, we started running into each other more and more and we ended up back in her room, necking and petting. There really wasn’t much talking, we just lay there in the dark, knowing that after graduation we probably wouldn’t see each other again, nibbling and stroking. She found her way down to my pants and worked the zipper open, then proceeded to lick me with great passion and thoroughness, bathing my whole midriff with her tongue. All the while, I was aching for her to open her mouth, go for my engorged cock, and take the shaft deep into her throat as I pumped my hot come into her.

She took her time, though. She came back up without sucking me, and I kissed her hard and ripped off her shirt. She had been gentle, but I couldn’t wait. Her nipples were already hard as I began to lick them, then had her lick my fingers before I rolled those nipples and she rolled her eyes. I went for her pants but she stopped me, telling me that it was the wrong time of the month, maybe next week. Then she smiled and said “That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, though.” and headed back down to my cock.

With a little encouragement, she once again had be going hot and heavy, ready to fire, and she still hadn’t sucked it yet. I had never had a deep throat job before, but I was ready to make her take all of it whether she wanted it or not. When she started to lower her lips around the shaft, her fingers tickling my balls, I raised up off the bed to meet her. She didn’t need my help. She was headed toward the base of my cock and wasn’t going to be held back. Four strokes later I grabbed the back of her head and held her down as I exploded, wave after wave flowing into her from my hot cock. She stayed down for a while, licking me and blowing cool air across my cock to cool it down. Then she looked up and smiled. “I’ve been waiting for that. You were very accommodating,” she said. I couldn’t talk, just laid there and stroked her hair.

We did get together a week later, but that story will wait till later. Julie reminded me a little of Tammy, mostly in that she wasn’t my “type”. Again, she had a larger frame than I usually go for, but I think it was mostly the attitude that made them seem alike to me. You could tell that she wasn’t uptight about her sexuality.

Anyway, one day I was involved in doing a lengthy slide presentation. I did the first half, then retired to the back of the room while one of my team members did the second half. Julie had come in late, so she took a chair against the back wall, and I ended up sitting next to her. As the second half began, she leaned over and asked me a question about the first half. I answered her, but she didn’t move back in her chair. She stayed leaning across the arm of the chair, inches away from me. Looking at her from the rest of the room, she looked like she was arching her back to get a better look at the screen. Up close, though, she was slowly undoing the top three buttons on her blouse.

I was getting more aroused by the second. I couldn’t believe she was doing this in a public meeting. She unfastened her buttons down below the bra line, then stopped. Then she reached inside and undid the clasp of her bra, releasing her gorgeous breasts. I had an obvious hardon watching her as she tweaked each nipple while absentmindedly staring at the slides. Then she sat back up straight, leaving her blouse open so that, looking at her from the side, I could see her breasts clearly. She had me teased and she knew it. I sat there with a massive erection, aching for relief and hoping nobody would ask me any questions. Julie spent the last hour of the meeting rubbing her breasts through her blouse, tweaking her nipples, and driving me wild.

Around 4:30 that afternoon, I paid a visit to her office. She had a two part office; the secretaries were in the outer area, she was in a separate room behind that. When I showed up, I could see that the secretaries were gone for the day, but Julie’s door was open and she was talking on the phone. I turned off the lights in the outer office and pulled it closed behing me and threw the lock on the door. Then, while Julie was still talking, I walked into her office, closed the door, turned off the lights, and pulled the shade on the door’s window. she looked up at me and smiled, the light from the windows bringing out the highlights in her hair. I motioned for her to stay on the phone. If she could tease me in public, I could give here a tease too.

I could tell by her conversation that she was on the line with her boss, who was over in the main administrative building. I started to dance slowly in front of her, performing a strip tease for her. I undid my shirt, then draped it over her head as she grew visibly more excited. I whipped off my belt with a flourish and she missed a line in her conversation, asking for a repeat. I perched on her lap and started to undo her blouse, fingering the clasp and releasing her breasts. This time it was me who did the tweaking, working her nipples into a rock-hard state. I moved my mouth down to her breasts as she arched her back to offer them to me, but I pulled back. She had to want it more before I would give her that.

I stood in front of her and stripped down the rest of the way, gyrating my hips as I released my engorged cock from my jeans. Still on the phone, she got out of her chair and knelt in front of me, removing her blouse from her shoulders in the process. She reached out for my cock with her mouth, but I wouldn’t let her have it yet and rubbed it all over her face, her hair, her neck. Suddenly, I heard her say “Okay, I talk to you tomorrow.” and she stood quickly and hung up the phone. She stood facing me and then wrapped her arms around me, pressing her breasts against me as we kissed long and deep. She was grabbing my ass I unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. I could feel her reaching for the desk, but I couldn’t tell what she was doing.

Suddenly, I felt her moving something around my wrists and I realized MY BELT! She was belting my wrists together behind my back as she pushed me up against the desk. When the belt was pulled tight, she leaned back, showing off her chest, and said, “Now suck!” and I leaned into her breasts as she offered them to me. Since I couldn’t touch them, she did it for me, rolling the nipples and squeezing her breasts as I licked and sucked at those gorgeous tits. When she was nearing the moment of climax, she pulled back and dropped to her knees. She started at my balls, then worked her way up the thick shaft, her strokes increasing in passion as she moved up, then sucked her way down again, forcing my cock down her throat.

When she could tell I was close, she backed off again and kissed her way up my stomach and chest to my neck. “If you’re a good boy,” she said, “I’ll untie you for now.” She undid the belt and had me lay on the floor, then stood over me as she removed her soaked underwear and lowered herself straight down on my cock. She had apparently had enough foreplay for now. She climaxed the moment she hit bottom, then proceeded to work it up and down until she came again. She was in a frenzy, sitting almost straight up as I held her breasts, my arms straight out, to support her. I felt it building inside and I came with a rush and a scream as she came again and collapsed on top of me.

I felt her milking my cock with her pussy, draining every last drop from it. We kissed as long as we could between gasps for air. After my erection had fully subsided, we stood and started to get dressed for our rides home.

I let her keep the belt, knowing I’d be getting it back soon.

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