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Room Service – A Lady and her friends order some room service

He was summoned, as per his job, up to room 936 in the hotel. Room 936 was occupied by an older woman. As the rumors went, she was independently wealthy and had decided to live in the hotel rather than own a house. Very little else was known about her, other than that she went out at odd hours of the night and was rarely seen during the daytime. Although he had delivered various meals as part of room service for several months now, he had yet to deliver anything to her door.

As he walked down the hallway pushing the cart, he noticed that this floor seemed to have fewer rooms than the others. Since it was located on the top floor of the hotel and the rooms were very expensive, perhaps that was why. He neared room 936 and knocked on the door.

“Room service,” he announced.

“It´s open, come on in,” came a voice from within.

He entered the room and took in the view. The “room,” consisted of a large living room with couches, a tv, paintings, some plants, and all kinds of expensive furniture. Along one wall, a door was slightly open and seemed to lead to a bedroom.

“Uh, hello?,” he asked because he did not see anyone.

“Just put the cart by the coffee table, I´ll be there in a second,” replied the voice. He did so and waited.

Another door opened from what must have been the bathroom and she appeared. His eyes widened as he took her in.

Before him stood a tall, blonde woman in her early forties with very short hair, cut almost like a crew cut. She wore a latex jacket that barely concealed two very large and very real breasts. Her white skin contrasted sharply with the black latex. She also wore possibly the shortest black miniskirt he had ever seen. She was in excellent shape, but not skinny. It must have stopped barely an inch past her crotch because he could see her blank panties as she walked towards him. Her silver high-heels left small marks in the plush carpet as she neared him.

“Hi,” she smiled, “I am Ms. T. You must be room service.”

“Yes, ma´am,” he replied and tried to focus his attention on her eyes. She stared at him.

“Well, don´t just stand there, pour the champagne and lay out the food on the table,” she told him.

While he opened the champagne and set it down on the coffee table with the food, he felt her gaze on him.

“Have you been working hard today?,” she asked.

“Yes, ma´am, today especially,” he replied.

“Well, if you have time for a break, I´d like you to have some champagne with me.”

Not wanting to turn down such an offer, but not wanting to lose his job, either, he tried to explain it was against hotel policy to dine with the guests.

“Nonsense, I think your boss would be more upset if a guest was displeased, especially such a valued one,” Ms. T. said.

He had no further reason to argue with her.

“Well, ok, then,” he said.

“Good, now put some ice in these glasses and start pouring,” she told him.

At that moment, he realized he had neglected to fill the ice container in the kitchen downstairs.

“I´m sorry, ma´am, but I forgot the ice,” he pleaded.

“Oh, that´s no problem. I will get some from my fridge. Have a seat on the couch and I will be right back.”

He sat down on her obviously expensive leather couch and waited. Within moments she had returned with two champagne glasses full of ice. She poured them and offered him a glass. He accepted. She sat down across from him on a smaller leather love seat and crossed her legs. He tried very hard not to stare at her incredible thighs.

“A toast to hard work,” Ms. T. said and they drank.

As he swallowed the champagne, he noticed it tasted slightly odd. Within moments he felt drowsy and his limbs felt like lead. Ms. T. only smiled. After a few minutes of him blinking and trying to move, she got up and approached him.

“Now, my young worker, you will be working for me for a while,” Ms. T. said seductively.

He tried to lift his arms and his legs to leave, but couldn´t. He found it surprising that he was still conscious, but unable to move as a result of whatever she had put in his drink.

Ms. T. slid closer to him on the couch and he felt her warm body against his.

“I noticed you staring at my body when you walked in. Your eyes bulged almost as much as your pants,” she hissed into his ear.

Ms. T. began running her right hand over his chest and fondling the buttons on his shirt. Starting at the top, she unbuttoned them slowly and revealed his chest. Peeling back his shirt gently, she slid her hand underneath. He felt her red fingernails on his chest and his crotch begin to throb. Ms. T. massaged him gently, circling each of his nipples with her finger as her tongue circled her lips. She pinched them each gently and then continued exploring his chest with her hand. He stared down at her exposed cleavage. Ms. T. only smiled.

After a few minutes, Ms. T.´s hand explored lower and reached his belt. Using only two fingers, she pulled the leather out of the buckle and left it there. She looked into his eyes and then pushed his shirt back completely with both of her hands. This exposed his toned chest. She tucked his shirt against his shoulders so that his arms were forced slightly backward. Leaning close to his chest, she licked his right nipple once. Ms. T. smiled and looked up at him. He managed to moan slightly, but couldn´t quite talk. He could only watch as her tongue began licking his nipples gently and then hard. She put his nipple between her teeth and bit it gently. Her tongue then began circling his nipple quickly before switching to the other and doing the same. By now, his manhood had become very hard.

Ms. T. leaned back again and her hand found its way to his crotch.

“I see part of you is still capable of movement,” she said and laughed.

Ms. T. tightened her hand around the fabric of his crotch. She squeezed it hard.

“Mmmm, you seem to have quite a handful down there,” she cooed.

Ms. T. then began kneading his testicles and shaft through the fabric of his pants. She alternated a strong, firm grip with gentle tugs and squeezes. Her minstruations caused him to moan. Eventually, she grabbed the length of his shaft through the fabric and pulled it upward against his zipper, causing the belt to loosen some. She jerked him slightly up and down. He moaned more.

“Don´t come in your pants now, we are just getting started,” Ms. T. told him. He tried to retain control over at least one part of his body.

She released his grip on him and returned to his belt. After undoing the buckle completely, she pulled his belt out of his pants slowly and threw it on the floor. Her fingers returned to his waist-line and began working on the button securing his pants. Her red nails stood in sharp contrast to his black pants. Using both hands, she undid the button gently and pulled back the top of his pants, displaying his white underwear. The outline of his manhood and a slight wet spot of precome were noticeable.

“Ooo, I can see already how big it is, you are quite well-hung, room servicer,” Ms. T. told him.

She pressed one finger against the material where the head of his shaft had leaked out some precome. She brought the finger to her mouth and sucked on it. All of this he watched while being able to do nothing.

“Mmmmmm….,” she said as she sucked her finger dry.

Once again, her hand return to his crotch, but this time snaked its way between his flesh and his underwear. He felt her hand on his manhood immediately. Her fingers were slightly cold and his crotch was very warm, causing the temperature difference to accentuate her grip on him. Spreading her fingers wide, her longest fingers reached his testicles while her other fingers surrounded his shaft. Her palm pressed against his head. Ms. T. had encircled his manhood and squeezed him gently. Pushing down against his shaft, she began kneading him again, causing him a mixture of slight pain and pleasure. Leaning forward, her face neared his. He noticed the redness of her lipstick matched her nail polish. Holding the back of his head with her left hand, she kissed him deeply and passionately while her right hand continued to massage him. Her pointed, aggressive tongue explored his mouth and danced with his own. She kissed him with the same passionate force as her hand conveyed to his crotch. He felt her large breasts straining against her latex coat and rubbing against his chest. Her hand on the back of his head rubbed him aggressively before pulling his head away from hers. He realized that Ms. T. had an incredible amount of power in her.

Moving away from him slightly, Ms. T. then used both hands to slide his pants and then his underwear down to around his ankles. As she did so, he was able to catch a glimpse of her rear, barely covered by her miniskirt. She did not wear panties.

Returning to her seat beside him, Ms. T. removed her latex jacket and revealed her large breasts. She wore neither a shirt nor a bra, but had a flower tattooed on the top of her right breast. His manhood now stood straight up. She leaned against him.

Reaching for his manhood, Ms. T. wrapped her five red fingernails around him. He moaned.

“I´m going to jerk you off now, lover, and I want you to think of my body as I do it. I know how much my tits and ass turn you on, so now I am going to train you to come with the thought of a mature woman on your mind,” Ms. T instructed.

He had no choice in the matter, but didn´t really want any, either. Her incredible physique was the only thing on his mind from the minute she appeared before him.

Ms. T. began by jerking him slowly again. Her firm grip clearly knew what it was doing and soon a long trickle of precome ran down his shaft and onto her knuckles. While she firmly rubbed his manhood, she ran her pointer finger along the “v” of his shaft and pressed it into him. At the same time, Ms. T. used the inside of her thumb to arouse the underside of his head.

“Yes, baby, I know you are getting close, but I am the one in charge now,” she told him.

Her pace remained slow for a good five minutes. As she did so, he felt the pleasure generated by her hand course through his body. She held the back of his head with her right hand and forced him to watch her fingers on his manhood. She then turned his head towards her breasts and massaged the back of his head with her fingers.

“Do you feel my strong fingers on your hard cock? Do you feel them pulling your come towards me?,” Ms. T. asked him.

He could manage no response other than moans. She smiled. Her pace increased.

Ms. T. then began jerking him so hard she that she ended up pulling his manhood with abrupt force. Exquisite sensations continued to fly through his body.

“Come, baby, come, come all over my floor,” Ms. T. said in a louder voice.

He could withhold no longer and soon a stream of fluid erupted from his shaft. It flew across the room and landed a good distance away from where they were sitting. Ms. T. continued to jerk him as he climaxed, however, and aimed him towards the champagne bottle sitting on the coffee table. Before long, white streams were covering the neck of the bottle.

As his climax ended, his manhood flinched in her hands. She retained her strong grip on him and massaged him slowly as the climax subsided.

“Yes…., you will do nicely for me, your youthful vigor will give us many hours of pleasure,” she told him.

Ms. T.´s nipples were now hard and pointed straight at him. Positioning her chest near his face, she pushed her breasts into his face.

“Suck my nipples, baby,” Ms. T instructed.

Tired from his climax and whatever narcotic she had used on him, he tried his best to lick the large breasts before him. He couldn´t manage much, however, and soon Ms. T. was rubbing her nipples back and forth against his lips. Somewhere around that time, he passed out with the image and sensation of her large breasts swaying against his face.


After what seemed like a few hours later, he awoke. He found himself in her bed, with a collar around his neck and a gold chain attached to the headboard behind him. He was completely naked. To his left, he noticed the drapes had been pulled back and the window filled the room with sunlight. Ms. T. had an incredible view from this floor of the hotel that overlooked the water. By now, command of most of his body had returned, although he still felt a bit lethargic. He also noticed that the bed he lay on was at least the size of three king size beds put together, maybe more. At the foot of the bed was a pink couch, positioned at an angle, and a few chairs.

As he lay there and took in his surroundings, the door opened. An older blonde woman, perhaps in her early forties and with shoulder length hair, walked in. She wore a black bikini with white dots. Her breast size was average, but it was apparent that she worked hard on her body to keep away the effects of age.

“Hello, there,” she said as she approached the bed. “It sure seems that Ms. T. found a nice one today,” she continued and looked his body up and down.

“My name is Candy,” she told him and laid beside him on the left side of the bed, “and Ms. T. and I have known each other for a long time.”

From this close view, he noticed that Candy´s bikini barely covered anything.

Candy stretched her right leg over him and pressed her thigh against his manhood. She ran her fingers on his chest as she moved her leg up and down, making him come to life again. He put one arm behind her and felt the lower part of her back.

“Ms. T. will be along in a few minutes and she told me to prepare you,” Candy said into his ear.

She turned his head towards him and kissed him passionately and deeply. At the same time, she pressed her thigh against him even harder.

Their embrace parted when the door opened again. Ms. T. walked in wearing a white corset with black trim, white high heels, and stockings attached to a garter belt. She led in a younger woman with short black hair. She was completely naked. They both seemed oblivious to him.

Ms. T. led the younger woman over to the couch and bent her over the arm facing the bed. She reached under the couch for two pairs of handcuffs and secured the younger woman to the couch. Ms. T. then walked over to the nightstand to the right of the bed. Ignoring the occupants of the bed completely, she opened the drawer and took out a large, pink, strap-on dildo. As she stepped into the harness and secured it to her waist, she ran her fingers over it as if giving it a massage. Ms. T. then took a small bottle of lubricant from the drawer, closed it, and walked back to the young woman tied to the couch.

“Spread your legs, whore,” Ms. T. said in a commanding tone.

The younger woman parted her legs slightly. Ms. T. responded by kicking the younger woman´s legs from the inside to force them farther apart. The younger woman whimpered. Ms. T. then stuck two fingers inside of the younger woman´s sex. She let out a short moan.

“Yes, I bet you like my fingers in here, your wetness tells me so,” Ms. T. said as she worked her fingers inside of the woman.

From his perspective, all he could see was Ms. T.´s shapely-rear, her long powerful legs standing behind the woman, the younger woman´s thinner legs, and Ms. T´s fingers working themselves deeper inside. To his left, Candy was as transfixed as he was at the scene before them.

“I think this pussy needs a good fucking,” Ms. T. declared.

Removing her fingers from the younger woman´s sex and rubbing her juices on the shaft of the strap-on, Ms. T. rubbed its head against the woman´s clit. Using her left hand, Ms. T. grabbed the woman´s cheek and left nail marks in it. The younger woman began to emit mixed sounds of pleasurable moans and sharp cries. Positioning herself directly behind the young woman, Ms. T. entered her with a forceful thrust. Whether she was wet enough or not, the young woman had no choice but to receive Ms. T.´s strap-on.

“You seem tight in here, bitch, but I will loosen you up,” Ms. T. said and began to thrust forcefully into her slave´s sex.

He could see Ms. T.´s powerful ass and thigh muscles flex as she pounded into the girl. Ms. T. clearly seemed to know how to handle the strap-on and thrusted into the girl as if it was second nature.

“Yea, you filthy whore, take this cock, open your pussy wide for me,” Ms. T. yelled as she slapped the young girl´s cheeks. Ms. T.´s breasts bounced as she thrusted.

The young girl could only respond by moaning. Her hands attempted to grab the fabric of the couch to hold on, but it was too thin to allow her much of a hand hold. Before long, the young woman was climaxing and her body shuddering as her facial cheek rubbed against the couch as a result of Ms. T´s thrusts. Ms. T., however, kept up her relentless pace for the better part of half an hour.

Needless to say, the scene that unfolded before him caused his manhood to grow in size and push against Candy´s thigh that lay across him. In response, Candy moved her thigh away and began to fondle his testicles.

After the young woman had climaxed for probably the twentieth time, Ms. T. stopped and withdrew from her. The young woman breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh, we´re not done yet,” Ms. T. responded, “your ass looks like it needs a good fucking, too.”

The young woman´s eyes widened at the thought.

Ms. T. opened the bottle of lubricant and poured some onto the young woman´s anus. Using her pointer finger, Ms. T. slowly pressed it against the woman´s sphincter. As she did so, the young woman began to flinch and jerk suddenly. Ms. T. responded by sharply slapping the woman´s cheeks.

“Lie still or I will gag you,” Ms. T. instructed.

The young woman´s cries subsided.

After Ms. T.´s finger had entered the young woman up to her third knuckle, she removed it quickly. Raising her right leg and placing it on the arm of the couch beside her slave, Ms. T. pushed the head of her strap-on into the young woman´s anus.

“Ooohhhhh!,” the young woman moaned and cried.

“Silence, whore, I know you like having this plastic cock in your ass!,” Ms. T. replied.

He once again noticed Ms. T.´s powerful leg and buttock muscles flexing as she started to violently thrust into the young woman. Before long, Ms. T. had buried her 12 inch strap on up to the hilt inside the young woman. Ms. T. alternated short, fast thrusts with slow, long, drawn out thrusts, and then fast and long thrusts. As Ms. T. pounded into her, the young woman´s clit rubbed violently against the arm of the couch, leaving a noticeable wet spot. She soon began to climax again and her moans echoed in the room.

Candy was also becoming visibly aroused by this scene and stopped fondling his testicles. Instead, she reached between her legs with her left hand and began rubbing her clit. Before long, her juices covered her fingers completely. She pushed her first two fingers completely inside herself, moved them around, and then took them out. Holding them up before him, she grabbed the back of his head with her right hand and forced him to lick them clean. Candy thrust her fingers into his mouth quickly, and then slowly withdrew them. She repeated the process of feeding him her juices as Ms. T. continued to ream the young woman.

After about an hour had passed, the young woman seemed exhausted. She no longer struggled against Ms. T.´s unending thrusts, but only lay on the couch with her mouth opened into a perpetual moan. Finally, Ms. T. slowed down and stopped.

“You seem to have had enough for now, bitch,” she said and removed the strap-on from the woman.

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