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Public Discrace For My Wife


Life had become quite unbearable my gambling had become a chronic desease and I owed every booky in the state. I’d become detached from reality and my wife had suffered along with me we have just moved to small town with around a hundred people in we figure we will hide out for a year away from the bright lights and casinos. I felt for my wife because of her natural beauty I knew she could be with a better provider. Every one who meets my wife wants to fuck her women included but she’s so niaeve she don’t even no it long blonde hair pearsing blue eyed and a smoking hot figure not to skinny and an ass that I try and eat every night.

As we arrived at lake entrance I noticed something very strange it was Monday about 10 and nobody seemed to be at work. We recieved some friendly waves the younger folk were trying to get a good look at my wifes tits which always made me a litte jealous as I know if they got there hands on her they make her sweet pussy so wet and moist they would see the lust in her eyes and i know she would take those young folks cocks spit on them and sucked until she was facialed with sticky footballers cum. We arrived out our new home unpacked and sent straight to the pub after a few beers I looked up from my booth and noticed the was now empty I couldn’t even locate the staff. I started to head home I was walking past the town hall when I heard a lot of yelling Stuff The Fucking Pig is what I heard I walked in to the building where there must of been seventy five people standing around a cage.

I couldn’t believe what I say my princess was in the cage hogtied and gagged to a wooden plank I didnt know shat to do I couldn’t fight them all so snuck to the back to view what was happening. The ball in my mouth was so tight as I saw my pathetic husband run to the back of these ferrel strangers I knew I was in trouble. While he was at the pub I was thrown in to a ute bought down here they ripped my cloths off then threw me to a pack women who started spitting on me licking me taking time to bend me sidewides and eat my pussy and ass hole I was being slapped and my nipples were being sqeezed ooh it hurt but only for a moment as butt plug was forced directly up my back tube when my muscles contracted around this warrior I sqirted out my canny for the first time I was afraid but excitement took over immediately now locked in a cage and hog tied I had no idea of my fate I heard something rolling behind me as two young policeman opened the cage in came a one of the most rugged looking studs I have ever weenie pushed a trolley towards my ass hole which was pointing in the air he placed.

A machine on the table he eased the butt plug that was giving me so much pleasure from my anus forcing me to taste my own stink hole as I was sucking up my anal juices I felt a rumble then bang a fake nine inch cock was on the end of this machine pushing with quite force in to my date it was so painful all I had to work with was some left over anal juice for lube finally g force pushed and slid this amazing ruber cock fair up me.

and it stopped for a moment the cage was now full of men with there cocks out some were un cut some were small an others made my mouth water the fuck machine started to work me over fill stretching and pleasuring my ass like nothing else before it. I felt hands all over my body I had 8 different sets of fingures up my cunt and in my mouth they were screaming for me to swuirt again my ass was getting so stretched it started toilet out air and juice as the machine was put to high I sprayed pussy juice in to the crowd the pulled off the machine and before i knew I had two of the best looking cocks double analing my able ass hole I had cocks in both hands and I had cum constantly sprayed on my face for two hours my husband watch every man from our new town put there cock in my ass dip stick my cunt and force feed my mouth they made me eat there ass holes i was Rae bagged as each man left they walk past my husband shake his hand and welcome the both of us to town when the last one left my husband walked in to this cum drenched cage pulled his cock out pulled it and shot a massive load down my throat he untied me took me home where I took my time to recover.

Today a week later a new couple have arrived and we have been summonsed to a town meeting.

So, what do you think ?

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