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He gets home from work, takes off his shoes at the doorway and sets his keys and wallet on the living room coffee table. Collapsing onto the black leather sofa he unbuttons his suit coat and puts his feet up on the table. ‘honeey…im home..where are u sexy bitch”. He hears no response and gets up and heads to the kitchen to get something to drink. Pulling out a water bottle he heads upstairs to their bedroom and begins to change out of his work clothes. He is about to put on a t-shirt when he notices her clothes on the bed. He walks into the hallway and can hear the shower running. Slowly he walks towards the bathroom door and pushes the door gently. She is in the shower and he can smell the shampoo. He peers through the doorway and can see her naked body getting soaked in water. Her perfect skin and curves of her ass. Her black hair is fallen on her back and she is rubbing shampoo into the top of her head. He notices her beautiful soft breasts and the water drops falling over her nipples. His cock begins to get hard as he imagines touching her wet body and licking her all over.

She begins to wash out the shampoo from her hair and he notices the water run over her breasts and pussy. Her smooth, tight pussy seems so irresistible in the shower. He yearns to be able to lick icing off of it and destroy it with his cock.
His cock begins to get the best of him and he wants her body badly, to be able to suck and lick and rub and fuck. H pushes the door open and walks in. She looks over at him and says “hey honey..i didn’t hear you come in”
He walks over to the shower and she sticks her head out in order to give him a kiss.

I want to take a bath with you’ he says. ‘but I’m almost done taking a shower, I have errands to run. “I don’t care, I want to take a bath with you and make sweet love to you”
Honey…I would love to..but maybe tomorrow..she says as she closes the shower curtain.

His horniness gets the best of him and he suddenly pulls open the shower curtain with a start and pulls her body towards him. His head gets wet with the shower, but he doesn’t care. He grabs towards him and sticks her breast into his mouth and begins to suck it. He begins to rub her pussy really hard while making sucking noises on her breasts- his grip on her too tight for her to pull away. She trys to pull away to get her balance but he only sucks and rubs harder which mkes her squirm and moan trying to push him away but her pussy begins to get wet as his fat fingers run in and out really fast. After sucking her breast for a while and putting his saliva all over it he pulls his head up and looks at her. He moves his fingers from her pussy and grabs her ass. “I want a bath, and I want you naked in it with me, so I can rub my body all over yours and my cock can get your pussy for a while. I’m a horny lion and I want to ram some tight pussy and cum all over. Don’t u want that my bitch..dont u want a hard cock inside you and your tender tits sucked hard. Be an obedient slut and let me take you on your hands and knees and lets satisfu ourselves…now im going to go downstairs and get some stuff..I want you to get the bath ready.

She still looks a little startled when he turns around and leaves. But she rubs her legs together and as she feels the moistness and stickiness it only makes her horny.

She turns off the shower and jumps out to run the bath with aromatic bubbles. She also turns the lights off and lights all the candles around in the bathroom. She can hear him downstairs in the kitchen.

When she hears him come up the stairs she runs into her bedroom, drying herself off with a towel and slips into a pink lace bra and thong. She jumps on to the bed and lays on it sideways. “I said I wanted some fucking..where did you go? Don’t make me force a big one inside you’
“I thought I’d start with the bedroom” she yells out.

He walks in holding whipping cream and strawberries. She noticed that he is wearing nothing but his boxers. His eyes scan her entire body, which is propped on their bed sideways. He puts down what he’s holding and his cock begins to buldge out of his boxers. He walks towards the bed moves himself over toward his wife and begins to kiss her. She notices his throbbing dick in his pants and realizes he is already quite horny. She begins to kiss him back and he moves himself on top of her. As they kiss he begins to move down towards her legs and kisses them and licks her feet. At this point he is by her feet and he pulls down her underwear and throws it aside. “spread ur legs for me…” he says…”Come on babe, spread your legs for me” he coaxes. She spreads her legs apart, knees up, revealing a tight vagina and part of her ass.”Oh yeah…your so fuckin gorgeous…look at that wet pussy ready for some hard ass fucking” he says. He lowers his face until it is touching her vagina, and motorboats her pussy.

Gently he begins to lick her back and forth, up and down and slowly inserts his tongue. He begins to push his tongue in and out of her pussy hole. The pleasing feeling of his tongue inside her vagina makes her throw her head back and moan as he holds her legs apart, not letting her push him away. She rests his hands on his head and feels his hair as he continues to lick her pussy. Then she feels his fat finger slowly inserted and pushes it in and out along with his tongue. The feeling begins to full her body and she tries pulling his head up away but he pulls her arms down with force and begins to insert another finger. He lifts his head up so he can see his bitch achcing to cum and shoves his finger in and out, in and out as she screams. Finally, when her pussy is extremely wet he stops and pulls out his wet fingers. He pulls himself over her and yanks her bra down and begins to suck her breasts. First the right one, then the left. He begins to rub his body on top of hers and he gets up on his knees and looks at her.

She knows he is ready and she pulls down his revealing a stiff penis which is standing up. He squirts whipping cream on her breasts and places a strawberry on top. Then he sprays some all over her pussy. He begins to lick the cream and eats it off. His teeth and tongue tickle her breasts and fills her body with passion. Finally when he is done sucking both breasts he makes his way down and begins to lick it off her pussy; his tongue tickling her pussy lips.. She begins to feel his tongue getting closer and closer to her clitoris and she begins to squirm and the passion is becoming too strong. “that’s pussy cant take anymore…aaugh..oh fuck me…fuck me”. He has eaten his way to her pussy and begins to lick her with his tongue, in and out, in and out. Then he gets up off the bed and picks her up. He carries her over to the bathroom; his penis rubbing on her body along the way. The climb into the bath and begin to kiss each other like crazy. She begins to stroke and rub his cock and he pulls her on top of him into the bath. Once in the bath she begins to rub her body over him, and he moves her hips back and forth…feeling her body rub over his penis. When his cock was pounding to be able to fuck he guided it and leads it into her pussy and slowly begins to insert it. Her tight pussy makes it hard to get in easily so he begins to ram in in harder as she yells and screams between short breaths. She moves her hips bacn and forth and then up and down.

The bath begins to splash and he grabs her tits,,pushing her up and down with them The bubbles all around her body and on her breasts. He rubs her tender breasts and soaps them, flicking the nipples. He begins to gently fuck her back and forth with a swish of water following him. “ohh man..ohhh yess…yess…screw me like a fucker..screw me hard…I want to feel ur cock inside me soo hard..fuck me hard..fuck my tight pussy” Her words begin to make him horny like mad and he begins to fuck her harder.Then he moves her off and gets on his knees ordering her to get on her hands and knees. She turns around on her hand and knees and slowly backs up her ass towards his manhood. She feels a hard spank which sends a scream out of her as he spanks the other side. He then grabs her ass cheecks tightly and inserts his hard cock into her pussy. The next little while is filled with screams, splashing water, hard spanks and moans. “fuck u like the bitch you are…What good is your pussy without some hard cock to rip it open” he says as hebegins to fuck extremely fast. His hands work up her body and begin to grab her tits and squeeze them feeling hard nipples. He touches her shoulders and begins to move down on her arms pulling them behind her.

Then with a sudden jolt, her hands held in his grip and arms behind her back she feels his pulsating cock ram her harder and harder, going extremely fast and he begins to scream “oooh yeaah..yesss” Unable to move away or get a moment of rest, her entire body is dominated by him. Her pussy feels hot and moisy and his cock feels extremely amazing moving in an out of it. She feels the hear build up inside her and her fagina feels like it is going to explode. Pushing his fat cock in and out of and and out…in in hard…he then pushes it in so hard and pulls it out only to do it again..pushing it in hard…she begins to scream and he groans and grunts…yesss…he says…I love your soft pussy….it makes my manhood feel soo good..yes..take it..take it like the fucknin good whore u are…take it…he begins to fuck her at full speed and her its bounce back and forth. “ohh good..yeaah..” she moans “fucck,,,,this is soo hard…your going to gonna explode” she screams between thrusts of fucking.

Finally they are both screaming and he cums all inside her. Panting he lays down in the bath and pulls her on top of him. She is about to het up and pull his penis out when he tells her to turn around. She turns around to face him, while sitting on him with his penis inside her. Hegrabs her tits and pulsl her down towards him and begins to suck them. How was that my fucking whore? He says between mouthfuls of boob and nipple. “Oh god, my pussy is still buzzing with ur fucking cock…..that was a long hard fuck…what am I going to do with your stamina and horniness” He laughs as he pulls out her breast from his mouth and pulls her head down to kiss her. “your going to continue being my whore…just like you’re a prostitute..your job is to take my hard cock and make sweet love to me” Then he pulls her in a hugging position, both in the bath, her tender tits on his chess; he can feel her poking nipples. He spanks her ass and slowly rubs her pussy. “ pussy can’t take any more” she pleads.

But he doesn’t care…he just wants to destroy her. “just a little rub my fucking sweet bitch…just a rub to bring you to be a true fucker and slut” He rams three fat fingers inside her pussy and rubs her clitoris. She begins to scream and tries to pull herself away from him but he has his legs around hers and is holding on to her. She begins to scream “ohhh..yess….oh my god…its going to erupt…yesss…do me harder than you ever have before “ she screams and then her screams get louder…OMGG…Oh my good…OH fuck….oh FUCK…FUCK yes….YESSS she screams as he releases his fingers from within and she cums and squirts in the bath. She falls limp on top of him and he laughs…that’s a good whore..that will teach you to always obey me…” he says and spanks her ass one last time for the night.

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