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I have always wanted to make a home video of me having sex but my boyfriend of 3 years is what you would call camera shy. He’d much rather be behind the scenes and that is exactly what he did. Andrew told me one night after sex that he would have no problems if I fucked another guy on camera, as long as he could film it. Of course I obliged but I was curious as to who he would let actually do it. The next day I come home from work and my boyfriend and his best friend, David, are in the bedroom.

Now, back in high school David was the go to guy for great sex and just thinking about that made me wet. I was finally getting ready to be in my own porno, if you will.

David and I get warmed up a little, if you will. He starts at my neck, sucking on it gently. Needless to say I become more and more flustered and before I know it David has taken my top and bra off. This is when Andrew starts filming. After briefly sucking on my nipples (David has never been a nipple man) he pulls down my pants and I was never more happy to not be wearing any panties. I bend over in front of him and he starts to lick me but then he quickly turns me around.

He pushes me down on the bed and spreads my legs open wide. Fully exposed to him, he starts to eat my pussy. And my lord, it was the best I have ever had. David licked me in such long, slow stokes, sticking his tongue in all the way so that he could move it around. He puts a finger in me and I about explode. As he starts to pump it in and out Andrew goes in for a closer shot, only adding to my excitement. Much to my chagrin however, David does not continue his assault on my pussy and thus I am left unsatisfied.

David starts to undo his pants and I help him bring out his cock. Being a guy he is already hard and he wants me to blow him. I willingly oblige, taking his length in my hand and guiding it to my mouth. I start to suck and Andrew starts pushing me on, urging me to blow his mind like I do his. David wants me to deep throat him but I have a great gag reflex so that is out of the question.

Then without question, he just says “Trust me” and picks me up and flips me upside down. My pussy is at his face and my head is down at his cock. He starts to eat me out again and I continue sucking his cock. All this time, Andrew keeps the camera on me, getting on the floor so that he can get a clear shot of me sucking his best friend’s dick. He keeps urging me to suck David harder, to make this the best blowjob of his life. Eventually though I have to stop as David’s assault on my pussy is about to cause me to climax. However, he abrubtly stops again, denying of pleasure once more. He just says to Andrew, “I’m going to fuck your girlfriend senseless now.”

We start out in a basic position. I’m on my back on the bed, my right leg up over David’s shoulder and he thrusts into me. It actually hurts, but I don’t care. He pumps in harder and harder and I start to scream. All the while Andrew is zooming in on my pussy and David’s cock, which makes me even wetter still. Still, Andrew is turning into a horny bastard with sayings of, “Fuck my girlfriend,” and “That is so hot baby.” I’m beginning to feel like this is the best fuck of my life.

David then decides that he wants me to ride him so he flips us over and I start gliding up and down over his smooth cock. I can feel my climax coming and after a couple of minutes I stop because I can’t do it anymore. David then starts to pump his hips up, fast and hard, bringing me to my first release with a couple of small, high-pitched squeals.
I can tell that he is getting close and just then David decides for another change in position. He turns me around so that he I am facing Andrew. I put my legs behind his and he begins to thrust upwards while I rub my clit. He goes faster and harder each time and pretty soon I am squealing again but this time so is he. He finally comes hard and violent but continues to thrust, albeit rather erratically, trying to bring me to my release. I hit mine about 20 seconds after his and Andrew said that he has never heard a more hot sound than the one I was making. This makes David hard again so he opts for yet another change in position.

He flips me around and down on my knees, getting ready to fuck me from behind. I must say that this is my favorite position; the thought of being dominated by a guy is enough to make cum without doing anything. David starts to pound into my pussy getting harder with each stroke. He becomes quite relentless, holding my head down with his hand while I scream into the bed. I come again, milking his cock with my pussy begging him to come with me. Of course he doesn’t; he wants to prove that he is resilient and can last longer than I think he can.
We change positions one last time. He turns me onto my back, all the while not removing his cock from my dripping pussy. Spreading my legs wide he pumps the hardest that he has all evening. With each thrust I am letting out a scream and it’s not long before I come again. David however, still hasn’t come a second time and Andrew suggests that we just do a cum shot, telling David how much I love it.

So he removes his dick and comes up to my face. I grab the shaft and start to suck, hoping to bring him a little closer. He starts to rub my clit, telling Andrew that he has to rub my pussy if I’m going to suck his cock. He then tells me stop and starts to jack off. Soon cum is shooting out, all over my face, and I eagerly lick up as much as I can. I even put his dick back into my mouth while he is still shooting out and swallow every last drop.

With that my home movie is done and Andrew has a raging hard on. He wants to fuck me so of course I let him. David still wants to stay so I blow him while Andrew fucks me from behind.

This was just a week ago and I can honestly say that it was the best sex I have ever had. If you want to see the video go to and type in One Woman, One Man, One Camera. It’s the video that is about 12 minutes long.

So, what do you think ?

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