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Christies Summer Job


Her first year of College was nearly over and Christie had no idea how she was going to pay tuition for her second year. She was taking a course in Psychology something that she’s wanted to do since her early years. Christie knew the only chance she would have in hoping to fulfil her dream was to get a summer job and save every penny. Her job search wasn’t going anywhere fast, being that it was nearly summer all the student jobs had been filled. She had searched newspapers, and the Internet and felt her hopes slipping away. One day she seen a notice on a board at the laundry mat asking for a student to do outside duties such as gardening and light pool maintenance, Christie thought this was a great idea and called the phone number as soon as she got home.

Two days later she was going to the couples house for an interview, they lived in the upper class part of town in a huge house, she couldn’t wait to see what the inside looked like having never been in a house like this before. She walked up nervously and rang the door bell and waited for it to open. A lady in her 30’s opened the door and Christie shook her hand and introduced herself. They sat down in the office and began to talk, Lynn explained to Christie what her job duties would include and saying that she would need to start the following day because the yard was in desperate need of being cut.

Christie went home and told everyone she knew about her new job and especially the huge house she would be working at. She made sure she had all her things together for the next day and went to be early.

The next morning Christie arrived at the Jenkins home at 7:30 eager to start her day. Lynn was waiting there along with her husband Nick. Nick and Christie were introduced to each other, Christie trembled when Nick reached out to shake her hand, he was tall and very nice looking. Lynn couldn’t stay long so she left it up to Nick to answer any of Christies questions she may have.
By 8:00 Christie was cutting the yard and then it was off to the flowers, pulling out weeds and watering them. She hadn’t seen the pool yet but that was on her to do list for the next day. Nick came out ever now and then to make sure Christie didn’t have any problems and offered her cold drinks. She didn’t accept at first just being polite but then she was afraid she was being rude so finally on his 3rd offering she excepted the lemonade he was offering. To her surprise when he brought her drink out, he brought one for himself too and they sat on the patio and drank the drinks in the hot sun. Her first day had gone well and fast and before she knew it, the day was over and it was time to go home, sore muscles and all.

That night Christie showered and climbed into bed with visions of Nick, she started feeling a bit turned on by the thoughts of him so she decided she needed to play with herself a bit before bed. She slid her hand down her panties and began to rub her clit making herself even more wet, eventually inserting her fingers into her bing pussy. She had all these nasty thoughts going through her head and before she knew it, she exploded in a shuttering orgasm.

Morning came quickly and it was off to work again, this time Christie wasn’t as excited as before but more embarrassed knowing she had just masturbated while thinking of her boss. She arrived to the house and before she rang the door bell Nick opened the door, with a shaky voice Christie said good morning, she felt so stupid for these thoughts she was having and couldn’t even look Nick in the eyes. Nick told her that today she needed to clean the pool and commented on how great the yard and flowers looked, saying that he was glad they found someone who could do the job well, unlike the last employee they let go about 2weeks before hiring Christie.

The pool was surrounded by tall hedges giving it more privacy for the Jenkins. The pool was huge and even had a mini waterfall in 1 corner, off to the side was a hot tub. Christie was on cloud nine fantasing about what it’d be like to own something like that and to have a husband like Nick to share it with. She went into the shed and quickly got out the pools vacuum but needed Nick to show her how to hook it up, He was very nice about it and showed her step by step even taking her hand and placing it on the pole to show her what the suction felt like when it was all hooked up properly. She began slowly running the vacuum along the bottom of the pool under the watchful eye of Nick, who only after a few seconds was satisfied Christie had it under control so he patted her shoulder and walked towards the house to work on some papers. With Nick touching Christie she began to have dirty thoughts yet again and could feel herself getting wet. She also wondered why Nick was at home during the day and his wife at work, so during their lemonade break she decided to ask. Nick replied with that he was home for 3wks vacation and had hoped his wife would have been able to take the time off but being a doctor she just wasn’t able to on short notice. Nick also told Christie that if she wanted she could bring her swimsuit and use the pool she works so hard to keep sparkling. Christie wasn’t sure about this but thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

The following days would be 1 of the summers hottest and luckily Christie decided to bring her swimsuit and tanning oil anyways. She began her normal duties of weeding and watering and already she was sweating. Nick hadn’t been out too much since she had arrived so Christie assumed he was busy with papers again and went about her work. She was bent over pulling a weed out of the garden and heard him call her name offering her a drink, this time it was a wine cooler, Nick said he thought she might like a change and told her that was his favourite drink, Christie took the cooler and drank it down within a few minutes it was the first alcohol she had ever had. Nick went back to the house and got her another cooler. Christie started feeling a bit light headed so only drank half the second cooler. By now the temperature was about 90 degrees and couldn’t help but wipe the sweat from her face every couple minutes just from sitting still. Christie thought, damn now would be a good time to hit that nice cool pool so she asked Nick if it would be ok, he replied with of course go enjoy yourself and cool off. He showed her to the quest house where she could change into her swimsuit, which just happened to be a bikini.

It took her a few minutes to get into the water but when she did she began swimming around using her hands to put water over her face, running her hands on her shoulders and chest in attempt to get all the nasty sweat off. She had been in the pool for about 15mins when she looked up and seen Nick standing there and as she looked closer she noticed he had a bludge in his pants. Nick asked if he could swim at the same time saying that this was the time he’d swim when he’s at home. Christie couldn’t say no so she said “ummm ok then”, within a few minutes Nick was entering the pool in his skimpy swimming shorts, as this point Christie didn’t feel comfortable swimming with him so she exited the pool and went and sat on a deck chair with her towel around her. She sat there and watched Nick swim all over, seeing his ass come up out of the water, watching how erect his nipple were getting from the cool water. The effects of the coolers were wearing off and Nick thought it would be a good time for more so he went in and brought out a cooler filled with wine coolers and sat next to her. They drank a couple coolers each soaking up the suns rays. Then she remembered how bad she would burn if she didn’t get her tanning oil on, so she reached down and grabbed it out of her bad and began to apply it to her skin. She had no problem in doing her arms, front area and legs but when she flipped over to do her back she couldn’t reach too well, Nick being the gentlemen that he was offered to help her out and Christie reluctantly accepted his offer and gave him the bottle. He made sure he had lots on his hands and began to rub it into her shoulders and neck, Christie could already feel herself getting turned on and was beginning to get nervous that he would find out. All she could do was lay there and drink her cooler looking out over the water. She could feel his hands sliding down towards her back and sides. It wasn’t long before she discovered that burn prevention wasn’t the only thing on Nicks mind when she felt he hand rub against the sides of her breasts. Nick asked if she needed her legs done too and she hesitated at first but then said “maybe you better” so he reached for the bottle and began to oil her legs up starting at the thigh working his way down to her calf. When he was doing her thighs she could feel his finger tips go along to outline of her bikini and then slowly he worked his way to her inner thighs coaxing her to open her legs a little bit. Christie just layed there not sure what was going on, knowing it was wrong but was enjoying herself too much to let it end.

Christie made the mistake of looking at Nick who took the chance to steal a kiss, She couldn’t believe how soft his lips were and how nice his breath was, it caused her to kiss him ver passionately not knowing if she was doing it right having not been kissed by many guys. Nick put his hands on her neck and shoulders and began to kiss her neck and ears cause her to get very wet. He took her hand and showed her that he wanted to caress him as well so she did no sure what she was supposed to be doing. The kissing went on for a few minutes before he started rubbing her breasts paying very close attention to her extremely swollen nipples, he then slid one of the straps down exposing her tits and didn’t take any time before he had them in his mouth, gently biting the nipples and sucking on them. At this time Christie was still running her hands on his shoulders and chest so he took her hand and guided it to his erect penis telling her to play with it a bit, to this she replied with “I don’t know how…” so he held her hand there and directed it on how he wanted to be touched causing him to breath heavier sometimes moaning. Before she knew it his hand was sliding down the front of her bikini separating her drenched lips and began to finger her taking his time making sure he hit the right spot and then focussed on her clit causing her to vibrate like never before with orgasm as her fluids oozed from her body causing her whole body to tingle.

It was time for Christie to get dressed and return home, not understanding what had just happened or why it happened. That night she was confused not knowing how she could allow a married man to touch her like that, and she wasn’t sure if she would return the next day for fear that maybe Lynn would find out and fire her anyways.

She had no choice and the next day she returned back to the house fearful, and was shocked when Lynn greeted her at the door after getting used to Nick being the one. At first she didn’t know how to act cause she didn’t want to give anything away. Christie just did her work that day and stayed clear of the Jenkins as much as possible until it was time to go. But later that day Nick greeted her outside yet again saying that his wife was gone to work and he was a bit bored. Christie tried to create space but Nick was ready to continue yesterdays activities, with a few add ons. He took her by the hand and brought her into the guest house out of the beating sun and gently laid her down on the bed climbing in with her, they began kissing and petting just like the day before and just when she was ready to explode Nick jumped up and said “I need to get something, hang on a minute” he went to the cupboard and got a dark towel and placed it under her butt, Christie was confused but figure it was cause of all the mess she was making that he didn’t want to get the bed dirty. Before long they were both naked exploring each others body’s touching and tasting. To Christies surprise Nick placed his face between her legs fingering her vigoursly and nibbling her clit, running his tongue all over, This was so great to Christie that nick had to place his hands on her waste to hold her still during her climax. Nick was very turned on with the outcome and reached into the side tables drawer to pull out a condom he had placed there the night before. Christie was terrified not knowing if she was ready to loose her virginity but didn’t want to upset Nick so she allowed him to proceed in putting on the condom and climbing on top of her. He slid his penis into her very gently not wanting to hurt her, asking her if she was ok and did she like it, Christie didn’t know what to think and wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. It didn’t take long before Nick let out a huge groan and harder thrusts as he filled the condom with his cum.

These activities continued throughout the summer, with Nick introducing Christie to new positions and performing oral sex on him. Christie knew it was just a fling but felt herself falling in love with Nick and though that now would be a good time to tell the couple she wouldn’t be returning the following summer. Lynn was upset by this news knowing what a good worker Christie was so they talked about it, at some point in the conversation Lynn tells Christie how nice it was to have an employee that could work so well under Nicks management and when she said that she winked….Christie then knew that Lynn knew what had gone on and started to feel sick to her stomach, Lynn continued by saying “yes I know what you 2 have been up to this summer and I planned it to be that way” Christie was baffled and said “you did??” A smile came across Lynns face confusing Christie even more, then after a second or two Lynn began to explain that she is deeply in love with her husband but isn’t interested in having sex with him as much as he wants it, so after much thought they decided that they would meet a young girl who will take care of his crazy hormones, she also explained that the last employee wasn’t attractive enough for Nick so they figured out a way to let her go. Christie couldn’t believe what she was hearing but was damn thankful the summer was over no matter how enjoyable it was.

It was the last day of work before Christie needed to get ready to go back to school and she started it the same way as all the other days and expected it to end the same way they all did with Nick too, only today would be much different because today Lynn was home with Nick and feeling frisky. Lynn and Nick decided to go for a swim and Christie could hear that they were having a nice time in the pool together but she tried to ignore them and give them their privacy. After a few minutes, Nick called her name and asked her to the pool area, so Christie did. She thought that their activities would stop while she was there but they didn’t. By this time the couple was in the hot tub totally naked, sipping fine wine. Nick reached his hand out and asked Christie if she would join them in the hot tub for a few mins. Christie was scared to death but didn’t want to disappoint figuring that maybe this would help the couple enjoy themselves more but what Christie didn’t know was that it wasn’t only Nick that Lynn wanted to play with……..

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