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A Birthday Surprise – Surprise striptease for her online lover on his birthday

It was a cool summer night in late August when her plane touched down in Los Angeles. Kaitlin was a bundle of nerves over what she was about to do, although it was something that she had dreamed of for quite awhile… meeting Geoff. Before exiting the plane, she grabbed her luggage from the overhead compartment and proceeded into the airport. She would spend the night at a hotel before putting her long awaited plan into action.

Geoff and Kaitlin had met in an internet chat room, a few days after her thirty-fifth birthday, and really seemed to hit it off. Now his thirtieth birthday was coming up and she wanted to surprise him. On several occasions they discussed getting together, but he would never expect her to show up out of the blue. This would definitely be a shocker. After all these months of talking online and on the phone, they would finally meet face-to-face.

Kaitlin asked for his address, supposedly to send him a birthday gift, only Geoff had no idea that she was going to be his present. Since she had been planning this surprise for a couple of months, the anticipation was overwhelming. They had exchanged several pictures online and she was dying to meet him.

So many times when they were on the phone, she just wanted to reach out and hug him, never let him go… Geoff made Kaitlin feel special and she had gotten very comfortable with him. In the past eight months, he had brought so much joy and laughter into her life and she loved him for it. Because she wanted to please him in every way possible, Kaitlin was forced to get in touch with her own sexuality. Every time Geoff asked about her fantasies and turn ons, she could never give him a straight answer. So, after weeks of pondering over his questions, one day Kaitlin sat down and typed up a list of her innermost secret thoughts and desires, then sent them off to him in an email.

Since Geoff worked long hours and Kaitlin was stuck in an unhappy marriage, there were long intervals when they would have no contact at all. During these times, she would fantasize about the two of them together in different scenarios. With a great deal of enthusiasm, Geoff encouraged her to write erotic stories and her vivid imagination took over. Kaitlin was so intent on pleasing him, that she wrote one story after another for her online lover, and he for her.

Before leaving for California, Kaitlin had borrowed a police uniform from her girlfriend as well as a man’s police cap, so she could wear them when bringing Geoff his balloons and singing telegram. Her intention was to pose as the stripper, who would be delivering Geoff’s birthday gift to him. She planned to perform a private striptease in his office and, when finished, remove the cap so he could see who she was. Kaitlin wasn’t even sure he would recognize her, but didn’t want him to hear her voice because it would surely be a dead giveaway. She carried a small boombox with her, and a tape of Prince singing “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” so she could dance to it while shedding her clothes.

The next day, on the way to Geoff’s office, Kaitlin felt both extremely nervous and excited. Her long brown hair was stuffed into the oversized police cap, the brim partially hiding her green eyes. Underneath the uniform, she was wearing a black demi bra made of satin and lace, with matching french cut panties, and gray, silk thigh highs with lacy tops. Kaitlin’s erect nipples were straining against the blouse as she contemplated what his reaction might be. These thoughts were turning her on immensely, but she was still unsure of herself. What if she really wasn’t his type? If that was the case, she would be totally devastated. A fleeting thought passed through her mind: “should she turn around and go home now?” “Not after she had come this far and mapped out every intricate detail of the seduction,” she mused. Besides, this was a once in a lifetime chance. Since Kaitlin had a vivacious personality and a great figure, which she worked hard at maintaining, she was considered quite attractive by most standards. Men seemed to be naturally drawn to her. She really needed to do this for herself as well as for Geoff.

Kaitlin’s marriage was not a happy one. Her sex life with her husband was practically non-existent because of his medical condition and she needed to be with a man who found her sexy and desirable. Geoff was the focus of all her fantasies and Kaitlin, at the very least, wanted to meet him in person.

As she stood in front of the entrance to his office building, Kaitlin suddenly became paralyzed with fear. Trying to calm down, she took a deep breath and forced herself to enter the vestibule, her legs felt like they were made of lead as she stepped inside. She headed toward the elevator to look at the directory and find out where Geoff’s office was located. It was on the third floor. She pushed the “up” button for the elevator, closed her eyes and exhaled, thinking that she still had time to back out, when the next car arrived and reluctantly, she stepped inside.

Kaitlin got off on the third floor and found a ladies room, where she touched up her makeup, adjusted her outfit and rearranged her hair under the police cap, before making her way to his office. She entered the suite of offices and spoke to a receptionist, who buzzed Geoff on the intercom to inform him about the delivery. He told her to send the messenger right in, and Kaitlin was on her way.

“Oh God, this is it,” she thought, “the moment is finally here.” Kaitlin stopped in front of his door, knocked and held her breath. She heard that familiar voice telling her to “come on in,” which eased her fears somewhat. Kaitlin walked into the room, closed the door, and hesitantly approached Geoff, making sure to keep her head down. “He looks exactly like his picture,” she thought as she peered at his features from beneath the brim of her cap. She handed him the balloons with a card attached that read “Hoping all your birthday wishes come true! Love, Kaitlin.” She waited while he read it, then flipped the power switch on the boom box and started dancing to the music. Geoff just stared, mesmerized by her movements.

Kaitlin was swaying her hips as she moved to the beat. Her eyes never leaving his for a moment, as she danced around the room. Then she stopped in front of him, leaned forward and shook her arms and breasts near his face. Her hands moved down to her belt as she slowly unbuckled it, then slid it out of the loops. She started swinging the leather strap back and forth, the belt matching her motions. Kaitlin let the strap fall to the floor, as she seductively began to unbutton her blouse, while slowly gyrating her curvy hips. When the last button was opened, she gently pulled the blouse from her skirt and let it hang free. Bending forward, Kaitlin pressed her arms tightly to the sides of her breasts, giving him a good view of her cleavage. She glanced up at Geoff and saw his face masked in lust as he watched her intently. Knowing that he was really turned on made her want him even more. As she slid the shirt from her shoulders, Kaitlin was almost certain he knew who she was.

She turned around and, with her back to him, slowly hiked up her skirt as she undulated her hips in a very provocative motion. Then Kaitlin faced him again and unzipped it, licking her lips as she shimmied out of the skirt, which caused Geoff to blush alittle. Now clad in only her bra and panties, thigh highs and pumps, she continued dancing for him and lipsyncing the words to the song. She cupped her breasts, causing the large, rosy areolas to pop out of her bra so she could tug on the nipples freely. Slowly reaching down and dipping a finger into her pussy, Kaitlin boldly walked over to Geoff and rubbed her juices across his lips, then stuck her finger into his waiting mouth as he sucked it clean. She paraded back around the room, stopped in front of him again, stood with her legs apart and unhooked the bra, before shaking it off her arms and catching it in her left hand. Kaitlin continued the seductive dance, swinging her bra in the air as she moved, with Geoff’s eyes glued to her ample breasts, which were jiggling nicely. Again, she stood in front of him and slid the bra over his hair, letting it drop to the desk. With her back to him, she raised her butt and wiggled it, while bending over slightly. She hooked her thumbs in either side of her panties, and pulled them down. Just as the song came to an end, she stepped out of them, and turned to face Geoff… giving him a glimpse of her naked form, before bowing down quickly and causing the cap to fall off. Kaitlin shook out her hair and threw her head back, smiling as she revealed her identity. Geoff was definitely taken back, but he was beaming with happiness, and she wanted him to take her right there. Especially now, because she was positive he knew who she was. Kaitlin walked behind the desk and sat down on his lap, murmurring “Happy Birthday Baby” in his ear, while nibbling on the lobe as she pressed her naked body closer to his. He looked directly into her eyes before enveloping her lips in a long, passionate kiss that took her breath away. His tongue invading her mouth and probing everywhere as Kaitlin wrapped her arms around his neck. She returned his kisses with an exuberance that matched his own. Pulling his lips from hers, Geoff told Kaitlin that this was one birthday he would never forget, smiling as he whispered “I got what I wished for,” and tweaked her nipples.

With their lips locked together, Geoff lifted Kaitlin up on the desk and unzipped his pants while standing between her legs. He took out his cock and rubbed it up and down her wet slit, making sure it brushed against her distended clitoris. Kaitlin was so excited and filled with anticipation… she was finally going to make love to her dream man. She needed to know if the fireworks between them were real. Geoff sensed her longing and pulled back, telling Kaitlin that he wanted the seduction to last as long as possible, so they could savor the memory of their first time together. He loved seeing this sexy woman lying naked in front of him, wanting him so badly… It made him long to satisfy her every desire, so much so that he really didn’t care about his own needs. Her pleasure would be his. On the other hand, Kaitlin was only interested in making him feel good. After all, today was Geoff’s birthday, and she was supposed to be his present.

Before Geoff knew what was happening, Kaitlin hopped off the desk and pushed his pants to the floor. Kneeling in front of him, she began to stroke his cock and caress his balls while nibbling and licking at the sensitive skin between his inner thighs. With her breasts lifted high, she flicked her tongue over each nipple, then rubbed her hard nubs up and down his shaft, causing a loud groan to escape from Geoff’s lips. Kaitlin felt the juices flooding her pussy, as he moaned again. All she wanted was to taste him. She frantically grabbed his cock and plunged it into her mouth, slowly sucking it all the way down to the base and back out to the tip. Geoff shuddered in pleasure, his legs weakening as she worked her magic lips over his throbbing member. He couldn’t do anything else but sit back in the chair and let this beauty have her way with him. Kaitlin stopped sucking and flicked her tongue all over the turgid, purple cockhead, making sure to lick up every drop of precum oozing out of his slit. After lovingly dragging her tongue down his shaft, she engulfed his hard balls in her hot mouth, and sucked on them gently. When she grabbed his ass and forced his entire length into her mouth, Geoff tried to keep from squirming, but it was a losing battle. Kaitlin swung her hair back, and devoured his cock in her mouth again and again, twisting her lips around his manhood so he could watch her every move as she expertly sucked him off. She glanced up at his face and knew he was on the verge of cumming. At that moment, there was nothing she wanted more than to feel him explode. And, surprisingly, she felt a need to swallow all his seed. She didn’t care if he expelled gallons of semen into her waiting mouth, she would drink down every last drop. All of a sudden, Geoff grabbed her head and forced her mouth down on his pole, thrusting harder and howling as his cum started to fill her throat. With her nose buried in his pubic hair, Kaitlin began swallowing the head of his cock as she sucked faster and harder, feeling it pulsate deep within her gullet as ropes of semen shot into her mouth. The intensity of his orgasm blew them both away.

While resting with her head in his lap until they each caught their breath, Kaitlin was wondering if her climax would be as devastating. Lost in his own thoughts, Geoff caressed her hair and then framed her face with his hands. She caught his right index finger between her lips, and sucked on it provocatively, letting him see the desire in her eyes.

It was more than he could take. Geoff lifted Kaitlin off the floor, laid her back down on the desk and started massaging her tits, tugging on the big nipples until they became extremely sensitive and rigid. He cupped her left breast and placed his lips over the areola, flicking his tongue across the rough skin, before sucking it into his mouth as he twisted and pulled on her right nipple. Holding his head to her breast, she arched her back and cried out for more. Geoff moved his mouth to her other tit, teasing the nipple with his tongue as he parted her legs further. His free hand rubbing her engorged clit, before slamming two fingers into her juicy pussy. He licked his way down to her bare mound, stopping to dip his tongue into her sensitive navel. While Kaitlin squirmed and moaned, Geoff got on his knees and began teasing her pussy… nibbling on the lips, tugging on her clit and fucking her hole with his long tongue. When he took her swollen clit in his mouth and sucked on it, she exploded in a very intense climax. Geoff knew she was multi-orgasmic, so he kept his mouth on her pussy, hoping he could make her cum again. His hands went to her breasts, jiggling them and pinching the nipples as he kept his tongue glued to her hard clit. Her entire body began convulsing when he made her cum again, and she got lost in her orgasms… one after another, his rigid tongue forcing her to climax harder and harder each time.

After letting Kaitlin catch her breath Geoff stood up, his eight inch cock unbelievably hard again, and draped her legs over his shoulders before plunging deep inside of her. He placed his hands under her ass and lifted her up, trying to get in even deeper. Kaitlin’s pussy clamped down on his shaft, forcing Geoff to scream out his pleasure. He began pumping in and out of her, as she lifted her hips to meet his every thrust. Locking her pussy tighter around his cock, so she could feel it throbbing inside of her. Both of them moaning loudly as they fucked like two wild animals. His huge cock felt incredible, and she felt more orgasms building deep within her. This man made her toes curl. Kaitlin must have climaxed twenty times by the time Geoff shot his load deep within her pussy. She was in ecstasy.

That was the start of one incredible weekend and a beautiful romance that neither of them would ever forget.

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