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Seamus & the Sisters – Burly Irishman is pleasantly surprised while taking a leak


Seamus took a swig of Guinness & wiped the froth from his face. He lifted himself off his bar stool and said “Excuse me ladies, I have to visit the little boy´s room.”

“The little boys´ room?” laughed Margaret. “I don´t think so Seamus,” she said patting his large belly. Seamus smirked. Ciara & Margaret giggled to each other as they watched him walk off across the dance floor of the busy, rural pub.

Seamus was in his 50s, he was a big man; even without his belly, he would be a big man. He had a large frame with broad shoulders. He was bald on top but had a chest of thick, blonde, curly hair to compensate. Ciara & Margaret were sisters, both in their late twenties. Margaret was the more voluptuous of the two but both had very nice figures & quite typical features for Irish women, fair skin contrasting with dark, dark hair.

The gents´ toilets were out of order so Seamus had to use the makeshift one outside. The sisters watched him as he staggered out the back door.

“Shall we?” said Margaret, nodding at the back door.

“Mmm, yes please!” replied Ciara. They followed, making for the ladies´ toilets, weaving between dancing couples on their way. “What if someone else is out there Margaret?”

“I don´t know… double the fun?” The two women laughed. They walked past the ladies´ & slipped out through the back door.

In the dark, they could just make out the shape of Seamus leaning, pissing against an outhouse. He was alone. They moved to get a better view, gesturing to each other to be quiet.

“Oooh!” crooned Margaret, quite involuntarily as they settled. Seamus´s fat, floppy dong was powerfully hosing the weeds at his feet, the inevitable splash-back spraying his Timberland boots. Steam rose in the cold night air. Ireland was not known for its night warmth. They crouched, marvelling at his piece. Ciara licked her lips.

He finished his business, jiggled & put his monster back in his trousers. The girls stood up.

“Ah Seamus, don´t put it away,” said Margaret

Seamus looked around, startled. “What are you ladies doing out here?”

“Well, we love to watch a big man at work,” she replied.

“With a big tool” added Ciara. The two women advanced on him. They each took a hand & led him around the back of the outhouse – lest anyone else came out.

“Well this is a pleasant surprise!” he said as they pushed his back against the wall. A cheeky smile spread across his rugged, handsome face. His features were rather ruddy, from years of (mostly harmless) drinking.

“Mmm, we´ve wanted to do this for some time,” said Margaret as she unbuckled his belt. Ciara wasn´t going to let her have it all to herself; she joined in unzipping his cage, and then ran her fingers along the inside of his underwear strap. She could feel his coarse, belly hair on the back of her hands.

“Ah, we shouldn´t be doing this you know, I know your father,” said Seamus unconvincingly. The girls ignored him & delved deep into his underwear, rummaging around.

“Mmmm…” all three moaned in unison, chuckling when they realized they were in sync.

“It´s a bit crowded down there,” said Seamus.

“Sure I´m not surprised, Seamus! Four hands, one meat & two veg!” said Ciara.

“Yeah, big cut of meat too” added Margaret. Seamus grinned with pride; he couldn´t help it.

“Shall we set it free Margaret?”

Margaret nodded & the women lifted the heavy load out of its habitat.

“Jaysus, don´t you get tired carrying this thing around all day?” said Margaret stroking it. Seamus chuckled; his belly chuckled along too.

Margaret slowly dropped to her knees, looking up at Seamus as she did. She knew men liked that kind of eye contact. Ciara was a bit peeved & jealous that Margaret always seemed to make the first move. Oh well, her time would come. Seamus watched as Margaret´s head disappeared under the girth of his round stomach. She engulfed his dick in her mouth.

“Mmmm” Seamus exhaled slowly. He grabbed Ciara by her arse & pulled her to him, kissing her firmly. This wasn´t so bad, thought Ciara. Seamus was a great kisser, he´d been around long enough to know that himself. She tongued him back & took in his musky, Guinnessy scent. Margaret was taking in musty scents of her own down below as Seamus´s cock quickly stiffened in her mouth. Once at full mast, she took it out & licked the side of the shaft, then gently bit it while massaging his blonde, furry balls. Jeez, they´d be a meal in themselves, she thought.

Meanwhile, Ciara was running her hand over his big belly while Seamus kissed her ears… neck… and mouth. She then placed her hand onto his thick, hairy chest. Mmmm, she just loved… a really hairy chest. She ran her fingers through the golden carpet of hair before her. Mmmm, what effects the feel of fur could have on her. Seamus lifted up her skirt so he could get a proper squeeze of her arse cheeks. Spurred on, she moved her hand inside his denim shirt. Oh what could feel better than having your hand sandwiched between a sea of fur & the owner´s shirt! She thought, playing with his large, hairy, man breast.

“Ohh” Seamus groaned. Down below, Margaret was licking the bulbous tip of Seamus´s monster. There was something about the men in this part of the world she thought, they all had really rounded heads. She ran her tongue over it a few more times, encouraged by the burly man´s moans, before licking him from his balls, up the underside, to the tip before greedily gobbling it all up again.

Ciara wanted to explore Seamus´s torso fully & see what that belly felt like in person. She moved her hand downward, popping open his shirt poppers as she went. The shirt spread open, revealing even more of his animal-like torso. She was pleased to find that his belly was as hairy as the rest of him! She just had to take a peek; she had long imagined what the rest of him looked like. He was a regular in Lydon´s Bar, always flaunting that hairy chest of his. Irish men of his generation seemed very proud of their hairy chests, they always wore their shirts as open as possible. Ciara noticed that bald men seemed to do this even more so, perhaps they were trying to compensate for the lack of hair on their head. Hair definitely equalled virility in this culture.

She looked him up & down whilst running her hands all over him. Then she gazed into his eyes, whilst slowly dropping to her knees, running her hands down through his hair as she joined Margaret down below. What a lucky bastard! He thought.

“Mmm hello” said Margaret, releasing the big, pink monster from her jaws.

“Mmm” replied Ciara, taking it in both hands. She played with it awhile, examining its dimensions; she was impressed. Savouring it, she slowly took it in her mouth, swallowing as much of it as she could. Margaret looked on, she reached up with one hand to stroke his belly, and played with his balls with her other. All the while Seamus & Margaret were smiling at each other.

After getting acquainted with his dick, Ciara offered Margaret some, releasing one side of it from her mouth. Margaret didn´t hesitate. They kissed, licked & sucked either side of Seamus´s massive, swelling member. The two women then French kissed with the tip of his cock in their mouths! Tonguing crazily. Oh what a feeling! He couldn´t help but grab both of their heads – as if it were possible to force them any closer! It was to keep himself standing as much as anything!

They heard somebody coming out of the pub; they froze. Gossip could be destructive in a small village like this. The footsteps came closer, but then stopped on the other side of the outhouse. Then came the sound of pissing. They relaxed a little, it was just another punter relieving himself, but they stayed still & quiet. Margaret cheekily licked Seamus´s tip, he waved at her to stop, fearing he might not be able to maintain silence. She smiled at him devilishly & licked it again. He waved again, more frantically. She stopped. They waited for the pisser to finally stagger back inside.

Margaret stood up and let Ciara have the goods all to herself again. She devoured the big cock. Margaret resumed where Ciara had left off, kissing this big, mature hunk & running her sticky hands all over his body. She pulled her top down to reveal he fulsome tits, a breeze tickled her erect nipples. Seamus being a breast man immediately bent over to devour them. His warm mouth on her mounds felt especially good in the cold air. She nibbled his ear & ran her fingers over the smoothness of his head. Seamus tongued her nipple lazily, and kissed & bit each one in turn. She put her hands down the back of his shirt & scratched his broad, hairy back.

Ciara continued to feast on Seamus´s cock. She too had released her breasts to the elements and was taking great delight in rubbing Seamus´s tip on her nipples, round & around, up & down and across her raspberries. Seamus returned his oral attention to Margaret´s mouth, kissing her with force, Mmm, the flavours of sex in the mouth. She returned her hands to his front & pulled his shirt wide open. She pressed her tits firmly into his chest & rubbed her nipples into his rug. She then dove right in & pushed her face into the forest, running her tongue all over… first over one nipple, then along his chest to the other and back again, licking in the valley between his chest & belly. She could taste the slightly salty sweat on his tough, manly skin, what a taste, then over the crest of his belly, down the track of hair that led to his cock, which her sister was still vigorously working.

They exchanged his aching, helpless cock between their mouths. A second dose of this treatment was too much for the big man. He felt the swelling in his huge balls. His servants could sense it too. Ciara got ready to receive, taking over sole duty. Again he held their heads for support. Oohhhh-hhhh! He groaned as he spurted. Ciara took all of round one; Margaret pulled the dick to her mouth. Seamus´s knees buckled as he spurted again. Margaret & Ciara took turns trying to swallow all that came their way, until he was completely spent. Finally, Ciara released his softening tool, it hung glistening in the car park light. Margaret took it in her hands & marvelled at it as she licked off the excess cum. Once Ciara had swallowed her last load she joined her sister in cleaning him up with her tongue.

“Girls, girls, please… enough.”

They chuckled. They stood up & gently kissed him on either cheek.

“I´m exhausted,” he said, slumped against the outhouse wall.

“Jeez, will you be wanting us to put it away for you too?” Ciara chuckled as they reached down & re-housed his flagging cock.

They readied themselves & headed back inside. The music & chatter was just as loud & vibrant as before.

“Jesus girls, that was great. I think I need a drink after that. Can I get ye one?”

“Oh no thanks, we´re not thirsty,” they laughed. “Do it again sometime Seamus?”

“Sure,” he said, discreetly patting them both on the arse as they headed into the ladies´ to clean up. He walked back to the bar a tired but happy man.


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